Parish Council Update

Parish Council Update August 2017

As you may have noticed the new signs are in place and operating.  In addition the work to renovate the Choir area and sound system is well underway and should be completed by the end of the month.   When complete the level choir area will be safer, more flexible for the each of the choirs and musicians, and most importantly, it will aid in the liturgy as far as coordination between the music and the celebrant.  The changes to the sound system were necessary because as many of you know from attending Mass we have had multiple issues with the microphones and the overall sound system.  The money for a large portion of the work was provided by an endowment from a parishioner who loved the choir and the music at the church.

We are currently researching the possibilities to add a rosary garden to the church grounds (donations have been made specifically for this work), and at the same time we will be replacing the bases for the outdoor Stations of the Cross as they are literally deteriorating.

As Father mentioned at Mass, the Bishop has asked him to move back to the onsite rectory so you will see some construction work happening near the office to accommodate this request. The Rectory House will be sold and some of that money will be used to replace office and meeting space.

In September the Parish Council will have a town hall meeting where you all will be invited to attend to receive updates on matters as well as provide input.

The Council meets on the 4th Monday of every month and we serve as a consultative body to Father Barnabas regarding parish life and the mission of the Church.  The minutes of our meetings are posted in the Hall if you have an interest in reading them or you can ask one of the Parish council members for a copy.  If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact any of the Parish Council members. (Their names are listed on the front of the weekly Bulletin).

Michele Australie (Casey)
Parish Council President