Special Eucharistic Holy Hour, Sun Sept 21 at 7:00pm

Please do not let the blasphemy of a public Black Mass go unchallenged! On Sunday the 21st, for the first time ever, a black Mass will be celebrated publicly in Oklahoma City. Christ will be publicly ridiculed, his sacrifice blasphemed and his Passion and Death laughed at, while the Devil is invoked, worshipped and adored.  To counter this sacrilege, our parish will host a Eucharistic Holy Hour of Adoration with Benediction on Sunday night, September 21st, at 7:00pm in the chapel. We would encourage as many of you who can to pray this hour in reparation for the blasphemy offered to Our Lord by this event in Oklahoma City.

Passing of St Bernard Parishioners

We are saddened by the loss of part of our church family:
Edward Thomas Nash Jr, husband of Marlene
06/15/1949 – 08/25/2014
George N Swessel, husband of Pat
11/26/1930 – 08/27/2014
Mary Lou Boerger, wife of Roger
09/23/1926 – 08/30/2104
Richard “Dick” Desrosiers, husband of Roz
03/10/1942 – 09/01/2014
Eternal rest grant unto them; may perpetual light shine upon them.

Funeral Mass Tuesday, August 26th for Marie Bouchette

There will be a Funeral Mass on Tuesday, August 26th at 10:00am for parishioner Marie Bouchette. There will be a Rosary at 9:30am in the church and Mass of the Resurrection at 10:00am.  Interment will be in the St. Bernard Columbarium.   There will be a luncheon in the Parish Hall after the interment.  There will be NO 8:30am Mass.

John Michael Talbot Mission July 14-16

JMT-Headshot1Christian Music Legend John Michael Talbot will present a three night ministry – each evening unique!  The Mission will be held on Monday, July 14, and run through Wednesday, July 16th beginning at 7:00pm.  A love offering will be taken each evening.  All are welcome!

VBS July 7 – 11

Monday, July 7 - Friday, July 11   9:00am to 12 Noon
All children are welcome to attend regardless of church affiliation.  Registration forms can be filled out at the office (between 8:00am and 3:00pm) or contact Kay Smith at 479-855-2370 for more information.

Fortnight for Freedom *June 21 – July 4*

fortnight-for-freedom-logo-color-thumbnailThe Fortnight for Freedom: Freedom to Serve will take place from June 21 to July 4, 2014, a time when our liturgical calendar celebrates a series of great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power—St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, and the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome. The theme of this year’s Fortnight will focus on the freedom to serve the poor and vulnerable in accord with human dignity and the Church’s teaching.
Mass Daily 8:30am with Rosary beginning at 8:00am

Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty

O God our Creator,
from your provident hand we have received
our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
You have called us as your people and given us
the right and the duty to worship you, the only true God,
and your Son, Jesus Christ.
Through the power and working of your Holy Spirit,
you call us to live out our faith in the midst of the world,
bringing the light and the saving truth of the Gospel
to every corner of society.

We ask you to bless us
in our vigilance for the gift of religious liberty.
Give us the strength of mind and heart
to readily defend our freedoms when they are threatened;
give us courage in making our voices heard
on behalf of the rights of your Church
and the freedom of conscience of all people of faith.

Grant, we pray, O heavenly Father,
a clear and united voice to all your sons and daughters
gathered in your Church
in this decisive hour in the history of our nation,
so that, with every trial withstood
and every danger overcome—
for the sake of our children, our grandchildren,
and all who come after us—
this great land will always be “one nation, under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Happy Feast Day Fr. Barnabas!

We extend good wishes to Father Barnabas on his feast day!
St. Barnabas
Barnabas, a Jew of Cyprus, comes as close as anyone outside the Twelve to being a full-fledged apostle. He was closely associated with St. Paul (he introduced Paul to Peter and the other apostles) and served as a kind of mediator between the former persecutor and the still suspicious Jewish Christians.
When a Christian community developed at Antioch, Barnabas was sent as the official representative of the Church of Jerusalem to incorporate them into the fold. He and Paul instructed in Antioch for a year, after which they took relief contributions to Jerusalem.

Later, Paul and Barnabas, now clearly seen as charismatic leaders, were sent by Antioch officials to preach to the Gentiles. Enormous success crowned their efforts. After a miracle at Lystra, the people wanted to offer sacrifice to them as gods—Barnabas being Zeus, and Paul, Hermes—but the two said, “We are of the same nature as you, human beings. We proclaim to you good news that you should turn from these idols to the living God” (see Acts 14:8-18).
But all was not peaceful. They were expelled from one town, they had to go to Jerusalem to clear up the ever-recurring controversy about circumcision and even the best of friends can have differences. When Paul wanted to revisit the places they had evangelized, Barnabas wanted to take along John Mark, his cousin, author of the Gospel (April 25), but Paul insisted that, since Mark had deserted them once, he was not fit to take along now. The disagreement that followed was so sharp that Barnabas and Paul separated, Barnabas taking Mark to Cyprus, Paul taking Silas to Syria. Later, they were reconciled—Paul, Barnabas and Mark.
When Paul stood up to Peter for not eating with Gentiles for fear of his Jewish friends, we learn that “even Barnabas was carried away by their hypocrisy” (see Galatians 2:1-13).
Barnabas is spoken of simply as one who dedicated his life to the Lord. He was a man “filled with the Holy Spirit and faith. Thereby large numbers were added to the Lord.” Even when he and Paul were expelled from Antioch in Pisidia (modern-day Turkey), they were “filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.”

Religious Freedom Interfaith Concert Friday, June 6th

There will be an Interfaith Concert celebrating our Religious Freedom on Friday, June 6th at 6:30pm, with Lois Carlson from United Lutheran, Randy Allison from Bella Vista Lutheran, Pam Meyer from Highlands Methodist, Bev Polk from Evangelical Free, Amy Talbert from Bella Vista Christian, Karen Frankenfeld from Highland Christian, Sarah Owens from Assembly of God and Ann Kedrowski from St. Bernard Catholic.  Also featured will be Teresa Gomez, ArkAppella Chorus and Calvary Hill.  We will be accepting a free will offering to benefit women and children in Northwest Arkansas.