Welcome to St. Bernard Parish

Welcome to all parishioners and visitors!  Please take a look around, there is lots of useful info here on our site.  You will find any announcements, such as scheduling changes, cancellations or upcoming programs, posted below.

If you are new to the area and would like to learn more about the parish please feel free to drop by the office and visit with us any time.  Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8 am – 3 pm and Fridays 8:30 am – Noon.  Registration cards may be picked up in the office or in the narthex.

For those looking to learn more about the Catholic church we have RCIA classes that begin each September.  Contact the office for more information.

LukeLive! with Fr James DiLuzio Lenten Mission

Luke-LiveLUKE LIVE! ARRIVES!  On Sunday through Tuesday evenings, April 2-4, 2017 Paulist Father James DiLuzio will conduct a parish Scripture Retreat entitled Luke Live! As a missionary and actor, Fr. James brings alive all of the dramatic power and soaring promise of the original Gospel preaching by sharing Luke’s Gospel as the early Church heard it—as stories handed down from memory through an “oral tradition” enhanced with music and hymn-singing.  7:00 PM in the Church.  For Adults, Teens and children age 7 and up. As a bible-based Mission/Retreat, Luke Live! provides an excellent ecumenical opportunity that will foster blessing and understanding among Catholics and their Protestant family members and neighbors.  Invite family, friends and neighbors, too.  Also morning session following the 8:30AM Mass. For more details, see the website www.LukeLive.com

Fr. James works out of New York City, traveling throughout the country with his powerful recitation of Luke’s Gospel. Come and share in these four  evenings of scripture, drama, hymns and fellowship with our faith community.

Lent – Triduum – Easter Schedules

Friday, March 17 4:30p.m.
Friday, March 24 4:30p.m.
Friday, March 31 4:30p.m.
Friday, April 7 4:30p.m.
Good Friday, April 14 3:00p.m.
Novena of Divine Mercy begins Good Friday, April 14, following the stations of the cross

Friday, March 24 5:00p.m.
Friday, April 7 5:00p.m.


Saturday – April 8 – 4:45p.m.
Sunday – April 9 – 8:45a.m

Holy Thursday – April 13 – 7:00p.m.
Good Friday – April 14 – 7:00p.m.
Easter Vigil – April 15 – 8:00p.m.

Resurrection of the Lord – April 16 – 9:00a.m.

Fr. Barnabas’ Lenten Reflection on the Transfiguration

Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD, suggested a very beautiful prayer that we can say after receiving Holy Communion and during visits to the Blessed Sacrament.  He says that with head bowed, eyes closed and a hand over the heart, pray the A-L-T-A-R prayer:

A-dore the Lord, who is in your heart.  Accept Him with joy, humility and love.
L-isten to the Lord, who is in your heart. What is he telling you in the silence of your heart?
T-hank the Lord for His goodness and love, for His forgiveness and patience and even for     your challenges and problems.
A-sk the Lord for anything you need.  Ask not only for yourself, but for others, too.
R-ejoice in the Lord, whatever you’re going through.  Be glad, be hopeful because Jesus       is in your heart and because He will be with you always.

So my dear friends, let us listen to Jesus, the transfigured one in prayer and follow faithfully and religiously as transfigured people of God.  Let us spend more time in prayer.  Praying is not trying to get God on our side, but making sure we are on God’s side and bring us closed to Him who lives within our heart.

Information from Fr Barnabas’ Homily – What to give up for Lent

What To Give Up For Lent


GIVE UP grumbling! Instead, “In everything give thanks.” Constructive criticism is OK, but “moaning, groaning, and complaining” are not Christian disciplines.

GIVE UP 10 to 15 minutes in bed! Instead, use that time in prayer, Bible study and personal devotion.

GIVE UP looking at other people’s worst points. Instead concentrate on their best points. We all have faults. It is a lot easier to have people overlook our shortcomings when we overlook theirs first.

GIVE UP speaking unkindly. Instead, let your speech be generous and understanding. It costs so little to say something kind and uplifting. Why not check that sharp tongue at the door?

GIVE UP your hatred of anyone or anything! Instead, learn the discipline of love. “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

GIVE UP your worries and anxieties! Instead, trust God with them. Anxiety is spending emotional energy on something we can do nothing about: like tomorrow! Live today and let God’s grace be sufficient.

GIVE UP TV one evening a week! Instead, visit some lonely or sick person. There are those who are isolated by illness or age. Why isolate yourself in front of the “tube?” Give someone a precious gift: your time!

GIVE UP buying anything but essentials for yourself! Instead, give the money to God. The money you would spend on the luxuries could help someone meet basic needs. We are called to be stewards of God’s riches, not consumers.

GIVE UP judging by appearances and by the standard of the world! Instead, learn to give up yourself to God. There is only one who has the right to judge, Jesus Christ.

– – – – By Rev. Craig Gates, Jackson, MS, “WHAT TO GIVE UP FOR LENT”

Read more at What To Give Up For Lent http://www.turnbacktogod.com/what-to-give-up-for-lent/#ixzz4aZUqidk1